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  Video scratch games is a good example of a situation when a popular game is emulated online successfully. scratch games section is among the most popular destinations. These games not only remained as thrilling and interesting as their offline counterparts, but also gained additional options which make it even more attractive for   players.

 In a special kiosk you buy a ticket – a piece of cardboard with a certain area covered with a stretchable layer. What is hidden under it – couple of dollars, or just nothing? To learn it, you have to scratch the layer with a coin, revealing symbols one by one… thrilling, isn’t it?

 This very thrill made scratch cards extremely popular with people of all ages and from all social layers.

 No wonder that gaming software developers created digital variants of these cards – scratch card games, which almost instantly became a success.

 The rules of both are actually the same: players scratch the layer with a coin (scratch cards) or with a cursor (scratch games) and instantly learns the result of the game.

 And, finally, one more advantage of video scratch games – their multeity. These games come in all shapes and sizes; every player will find a game which will exactly be to his or her taste. There are way more scratch games than tangible instant win scratch cards, so players have great deal of choice. Isn’t it great?

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